Investment Criteria

Bradmer Foods partners with specialty food and beverage entrepreneurs to help grow their niche businesses into niche leaders. We typically work with companies that have $1-$60+ million in annual revenue and expect that management will continue to lead the business after our investment. We do not consider turnaround situations, traditional early-stage financings of start-ups, restaurants, nutraceuticals or supplements. In addition to these parameters, we look for the following characteristics in our portfolio companies:

  • Positive EBITDA with high EBITDA margins
  • Established operating history of growth and profitability
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Recurring revenues
  • Low customer concentration
  • Clear opportunities for value creation
  • Fair valuation
  • Management capable of growing with business size and complexity

One of our most important criteria is that we partner with entrepreneurs who are also looking for a liquidity event. This event may come in many forms — a management buyback, an investment from another financial institution or a strategic sale — but we target an exit from our investment in 3-5 years. As a result, we seek entrepreneurs whose vision for their company fits that timeframe.