Bradmer Foods Consulting is a full service natural and specialty food and beverage practice dedicated to growing each client through strategic growth and vision implementation. Services include:

Stratetic Sales Planning
We can develop strategic sales plans, pricing models and accurate P/L’s and  budgets. We can hire brokers and sales teams as well as assist with broker management. We make sure your product has the proper alignment and coverage within the specialty food industry. We can optimize your organizational structure as well as the development of sales and marketing positions, along with writing of job descriptions.

Business Plans and Strategic Growth
We can provide you with traditional business plans that may be used for start-up funding or for investment capital. We also provide vision and strategic planning for those companies that want to move to the next level of success. We can provide assistance with new product launches and new business integrations. We utilize our proprietary DRIVE process which allows us to analyze current status and build a new vision with an execution plan that would lay out the next three to five years.

U.S. Import Entry
We provide support to international companies are interested in bringing their products to the U.S. market. We can help develop a plan to understand the market, competitor pricing and practices that are unique to the U.S.  We can provide guidance through the complexity and costs of getting products on the grocery shelf in the U.S.

Cost and Pricing Strategies
Pricing and cost strategies are one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many small and medium size food and beverage companies. We can help you develop pricing strategies for various channels and help you create price lists. We can help you understand your P/L and the dynamics of pricing for sustainability.

Trade Promotion Execution
We can provide you with expertise on all facets of trade promotions. We can help you to develop trade programs for your products that will maximize your trade spend. We can help you understand how to integrate your trade spend into your P/L to assure your pricing is correct. Finally, we can help you learn how to track your trade spending and provide support as business leads when it is time to purchase a trade promotion tracking system.

Customer Insights and Training
We can provide monthly reporting and sales analysis for accounts where sales data is provided to vendors. We can assist in your category management and category assortment optimization efforts. We are experts at providing consumer insights and building key account programs at major retailers. We can provide training to your analysts, which will allow them to provide you a deeper understanding of as to why sales are changing and make recommendations as to how to act on the data.

We are experts at providing coaching to sales managers and executives. Coaching is a specific process that is intended to coach the conversation that is in the way of the commitment and add speed and power to sales and project results. We are certified trough the ICF, the International Coaching Federation.

Investments and Valuations
We can help you understand the landscape of funding, explaining valuation methodologies and how to approach investors. We can assist investors in discovering emerging companies that have the right mix of success and potential that they are targeting through our comprehensive knowledge of and network in the natural and specialty food and beverage industries.

Organization and Operations
Within most entrepreneurial enterprises, setting up an organizational and operational structure is often an organic process that happens over time but can be the root of many operational issues. We can help you audit your structure and processes and make recommendations that meet best practice standards in the industry. We can provide insights to organizational structure from Sales and Marketing to your contract packing relationships.