About Bradmer Foods

Bradmer Foods is a consulting and investing firm that operates exclusively with natural and specialty food and beverage businesses. Bradmer Foods partners with food and beverage entrepreneurs to help them grow their $0-60+ million business through management and best practice consulting and in some cases via outside capital. Many small producers concentrate on developing their unique products to the highest level and need assistance growing their business while benefiting from external best practices.

Bradmer Foods works with current management to augment their business experience (strategic planning all the way to inventory control) while becoming financial partners. Through our investment of time and money, both the company and investors can benefit from the increased growth in the company’s value.

Bradmer Foods Fund I was formed in 2007 and invests primarily in two different types of deals: we co-invest up to $1 million alongside other experienced lead food and beverage investors, or we will invest up to $10 million in private equity majority buyouts that combine equity, senior debt and mezzanine financing.